Iwo Jima

There are events in history that are unforgettable. The one that stands out in Marine Corps WWII history is the tiny Japanese island of Iwo Jima. After some of the most intense fighting that took place in the South Pacific the American flag was raised on Mt. Suribachi . Five Marines and one Navy corpsman planted the flag to signal victory over the Japanese forces. There can never be enough said about our fighting man and the heroes they became. This brings me to a story about a Marine Captain who did something that I believed is the highest honor one Marine can pay to another. This is not a WWII story but a present day commitment a group of Marine have for one another, the Corps and our country. It started for me with phone call from an unusual source. The man who called me was Chief Terry Turner, Chief of Police at LeTourneau University. The conversation started out about with the upcoming women’s softball games that were played last weekend in honor of our Fallen Six. Chief Turner told me about how he met Kelsie Benson who started the mission of honoring the Fallen for her team and university. The previous article tells that story and reveals part of what happened on top of the mountain by a great Marine. The conversation turned to an amazing story that has to be told. Chief Turner explained that during the conversation with Kelsie, she asked if he knew of any […]

LeTourneau University

I am always astounded when the phone rings or I get an email about the Red Lion Project. There is something working beyond our control, it is coming from a higher source. Faith and belief is what keeps me going. This is what led a group of college athletes to honor our Fallen Six. Early one morning an email popped up that seemed different. It was from a young lady, Kelsie Benson. She was a member of the women’s soft ball team for LeTourneau University. She stated the team wanted to honor our Marines for the entire season and wanted us to attend a double header that weekend. Talk about short notice! The Lucky Red Lions were going to be playing softball. I could sense the excitement in the words that she wrote! Six of the team ladies would wear their jersey honoring our men. They would wear them with pride and give them to us to give to the families. This sequence of events was set into motion by a parking ticket that Kelsie received on campus for parking in the wrong place too long. It turned out to be the turning point and the reason our Lions were chosen. Funny how things happen, people meet and great events come about. Kelsie had to go to see the Campus Chief of Police to take care of the ticket. She went to his office and noticed all the military photos and plaques on the wall. She asked if the Chief […]

1st Annual Catfish Fundraiser

The Red Lion Project is holding the 1st Annual Catfish Fundraiser, Saturday May, 9th 2015, in honor of the Fallen Marines of the HMH 363, Cpl. Joey Logan, Capt. Dan Bartle, Capt. Nathan McHone, Cpl. Kevin Reinhard, Cpl. Jesse Stites and Msgt. Travis Riddick. Fishing starts at sunrise and the final weigh in is at 3pm at Stow Away Marina, 13988 Calvary Road, Willis, TX 77318. Download more information and registration forms here. Complete and mail registration forms to 502 West Montgomery #342, Willis, TX 77378. Pre-Registration forms must be received no later than May 1st 2015. Entry Donation of $30.00 per person, Veterans Sponsor Donation of $50.00 per person and BBQ Meal at $10.00 per plate can be paid by credit card below or by sending a check or money order with your registration form to the Red Lion Project, 502 W. Montgomery # 342, Willis TX 77378. The Red Lion Project needs your help organizing and promoting this great event! We are looking for Boat Captains to honor our disabled heroes with a day of fishing on Lake Conroe. Call 936-228-7034 to volunteer, ask questions or get additional information. Proceeds will be used to support the Red Lion Project here in Texas and in Montana. Please follow these instructions to pay by credit card: 1 – Download a registration form here. 2 – Print, complete and sign your registration form. 3 – Enter the donation amount below that matches the donation amount on your completed form then click […]