“Carry Their Load” Ruck March

The Veterans Resource Center at Sam Houston State University invites you to the 6th Annual SHSU VRC “Carry Their Load” 5-Mile Military Ruck March on Saturday October 10, 2015 at Huntsville State Park Gates open at 6:00 am- Step off at 8:00 am Onsite registration begins at 6:00 am **100% of the proceeds benefit The Red Lion Project**   Register Now at www.shsu.edu/ruckmarch Download the brochure here For questions call or e-mail: (936) 294-4079 or veterans@shsu.edu

The Red Lion Rifle

This rifle is dedicated to our Fallen Six. It started with a single honey locust mesquite tree down in south Texas. Joey was along when the tree was harvested and taken to a local saw mill here in Willis TX. It was sawed into slabs, stacked and dried and then cut into gunstock blanks. I have been doing gunstock work as a hobby for over thirty years. This piece of wood was selected with the passion and desire to create a lasting memory for Marines. I have a shop where the wood is turned in a work of art. If you love something, only the best will do. It is a long and rewarding task to fashion a piece of nature into something to be treasured. Here is the description of the rifle and the people who worked together to make it happen. Rarely in one’s life time do you meet people who have the same intense passion as you do. I had the great privilege to work with two wonderful people. I met Bonnie and Greg g Givens of Lone star Laser Works and saw the great work they did. Art work especially wood carving is what I enjoy to do on the rifles I build. This time this rifle had to be special. With the engraving to be done and all the Marine and Red Lion carving on the rifle I chose Bonnie to help and complete her magic. Looking at the finished rifle, well it is a […]

1st Annual Catfish Fundraiser

The Red Lion Project is holding the 1st Annual Catfish Fundraiser, Saturday May, 9th 2015, in honor of the Fallen Marines of the HMH 363, Cpl. Joey Logan, Capt. Dan Bartle, Capt. Nathan McHone, Cpl. Kevin Reinhard, Cpl. Jesse Stites and Msgt. Travis Riddick. Fishing starts at sunrise and the final weigh in is at 3pm at Stow Away Marina, 13988 Calvary Road, Willis, TX 77318. Download more information and registration forms here. Complete and mail registration forms to 502 West Montgomery #342, Willis, TX 77378. Pre-Registration forms must be received no later than May 1st 2015. Entry Donation of $30.00 per person, Veterans Sponsor Donation of $50.00 per person and BBQ Meal at $10.00 per plate can be paid by credit card below or by sending a check or money order with your registration form to the Red Lion Project, 502 W. Montgomery # 342, Willis TX 77378. The Red Lion Project needs your help organizing and promoting this great event! We are looking for Boat Captains to honor our disabled heroes with a day of fishing on Lake Conroe. Call 936-228-7034 to volunteer, ask questions or get additional information. Proceeds will be used to support the Red Lion Project here in Texas and in Montana. Please follow these instructions to pay by credit card: 1 – Download a registration form here. 2 – Print, complete and sign your registration form. 3 – Enter the donation amount below that matches the donation amount on your completed form then click […]

Red Lions Catfish Tournament

The Red Lions Catfish Tournament is being officially announced. It will be held on May 9th 2015, Saturday, at the Stow- Away Marina on Lake Conroe here in Texas. We need help organizing and promoting this great event! Looking for boat captains to take disabled veterans fishing! Proceeds will be used to support the RED LIONS PROJECT here in Texas and in Montana. Semper Fi and God bless all our troops!

The Last Flight

It amazes me how so many people, places and things come together. The memories of war and the men who fought them are always there. This is the case of one young Marine, James Boswell. James was a member of the HMH 363 RED LIONS on the deployment when Iron Tail 06 went down. James contacted me along with his mother, Candace Lea, about a picture he took of a helicopter. At first it was a photo of a beautiful sunset and a helicopter sitting on the tarmac. The deployment was the Red Lions sundown mission and after returning from Afghanistan the unit was going to be disbanded. The unit had been in existence for 60 years as a combat support air wing. The event that was to take place would make this photo a memorial for our Fallen Six. This helicopter was #45 the one they flew the very next night of the crash. No one could have known. James sent this photo back to his mother and she had a memorial sign made honoring our men. They both wanted to know if I wanted a copy of this part of our son’s life in the Marines. The answer was yes! It would mean a lot us and we would cherish it. About a week later I received the picture and the emotions welled up again. This sign will be placed in the Cabins in Montana as a memorial to honor and remember our crew of great Marines. Thank […]

LeTourneau University

I am always astounded when the phone rings or I get an email about the Red Lion Project. There is something working beyond our control, it is coming from a higher source. Faith and belief is what keeps me going. This is what led a group of college athletes to honor our Fallen Six. Early one morning an email popped up that seemed different. It was from a young lady, Kelsie Benson. She was a member of the women’s soft ball team for LeTourneau University. She stated the team wanted to honor our Marines for the entire season and wanted us to attend a double header that weekend. Talk about short notice! The Lucky Red Lions were going to be playing softball. I could sense the excitement in the words that she wrote! Six of the team ladies would wear their jersey honoring our men. They would wear them with pride and give them to us to give to the families. This sequence of events was set into motion by a parking ticket that Kelsie received on campus for parking in the wrong place too long. It turned out to be the turning point and the reason our Lions were chosen. Funny how things happen, people meet and great events come about. Kelsie had to go to see the Campus Chief of Police to take care of the ticket. She went to his office and noticed all the military photos and plaques on the wall. She asked if the Chief […]